Spirit MigrationI first learned of this story from a comic site I usually frequent, sadly, only three chapters are currently made available. Thus, I began my search for the novel version because I truly believed it had the potential to steal every second of my time it deserved. I was right. Spirit Migration, as the synopsis reads, “A spirit was floating in another world’s dungeon, missing its memories. Eventually “he” learned to posses other creatures and using the bodies of the beasts in the dungeon, made his way to the outside world. Dragging a young female knight, a pretty young lady, and even a beautiful mercenary into the mix, our protagonist begins his great adventure in this world!”

Truthfully, I enjoy fantasy based adventures but Spirit Migration feels like a fresh of breath of air apart from the norm that I have come to be used to. Being able to posses monsters and doing with them as you will, to save others and to constantly be on the defensive from friend and foe that cannot tell where your allegiance lies creates a very unique atmosphere that keeps me wanting to read more. To this date, I’ve read all I could of the five available chapters that were translated from  the japanese novel thanks to Tensai Translations and I hope to some day be the proud of owner of the large amount of volumes that went unknown through my radar.

So far as I’ve read, there isn’t much I can complain about so early on but I do know that my trust in this work has no been misplaced as I myself keep having this urge to check the site where you can read it, hoping for the newest chapter to be translated and let my eyes read every alphabetical symbol that transforms itself to words that lead me to this other world of the human imagination I’ve come to love.

In terms of the story being told so far, it right deserves the high score of 9 out of 10 stars.