Volume 1

VOL. 1 – Rebirth (Links are broken – Currently being fixed)


Chapter 1: From Birth

Chapter 2: A Year Later

Chapter 3: Little Sister Problems

Chapter 4: Falling

Chapter 5: Sparks in the Night

Chapter 6: Constant Troubles

Chapter 7: Magic

Chapter 8: Pathfinder

Chapter 9: Zeyl

Chapter 10: Riverbed

Chapter 11:The City of Aria

Chapter 12: The Price of Gold

Chapter 13: Magic Restrictions

Chapter 14: An Unwanted Quick Recovery

Chapter 15: Slave Trade

Chapter 16: Koinsol and the Phoenix Crest

Chapter 17: A Day in the Castle

Chapter 18: A Small Family And A Wolf

Chapter 19: The Place We Called Home

Chapter 20: Search in the Forests

Chapter 21: Under the Lake’s Blanket

Chapter 22: A Forest of Ashes

Chapter 23: A Lance of Magic

Chapter 24: Return to Aria

Chapter 25: Unexpected Redirection

Chapter 26: One Night Out

Chapter 27: Abducted

Chapter 28: A Black Angel for an Enemy

Chapter 29: Taking Flight

Chapter 30: A Koin And A King

Epilogue: Riot

Afterword: Q & A

Volume 1 Completed~