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And As A Reminder–Most Questions Are Aimed At Royal Rebirth.

Most of What People Want To Know About Volume 1 (More will be added in the future)

A Short On How The Story Began
The Magic System
Some Differences From The Original And New Text


The Real Questions and Answers Section

Who Were Some Of The New Characters That Weren’t In The Original Text?
Why Did It Take Lee’s Family So Long To Search For Him?
Mid-Twenties Is Too Old To Be A Mother In Medieval Setting.
Why Can They Speak English?
What Kind Of Government Do The Countries Have?
World History?
How Do Emblems Work?
How Is Power Passed Down? (Refers to Lee’s Hidden Power)
Why Aren’t You Uploading The Recent Chapters To RoyalRoad?


Favorite Scenes and My Concerns With Them

Falling From Top of Castle – Chapter 4
A Fight With A Black Angel – An Alternate Version Of Chapter 28



It all began in the summer of 2015. I was playing with the idea the or Royal Rebirth. The earliest characters being Glinn, Lehvie, Alice, and Lee.

The inspiration came from Mushoku Tensei, which I made a short review for on this site.

It took months before the idea met paper.

First I needed somewhere to post my stories, and this site was the simple solution. I needed critiques, opinions on where I was going wrong, and what I was doing right. These were very important, but also proved somewhat problematic when the audience was more influential on where the story was going.

In the original text, I’m looking the time I wrote this, it reached about 43,000. By the time I felt ready, I had to pick between continuing Mornings End, or Royal Rebirth (since I could not for the life of me focus on two stories). So I picked Royal Rebirth. By then, I had a prologue coming mid way into completion of book one.

Skip forward some many chapters later. I can honestly say I haven’t expected many people to read it, even as I uploaded the story to numerous sites. This is one of the reasons I chose Royal Rebirth over my second story, and that’s because of the boom in popularity over the other. This is not to say I won’t finish the other story, or that I won’t begin a new one sometime in the future.

As a reminder, Royal Rebirth, while it has gone through drafts before upload, the chapters are still in their first phase. Meaning that even after the volume is completed, I will still be revising it. This will range from added scene, deleted content, new dialogue, more character expressions (because it is lacking), changes to events in the story, and much more.

P.S. No, I didn’t get the name from RoyalRoad, it was complete coincidence.

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The trip to Crater lake still happened, but on return to Aria. I had planned a much larger scale attack The following is a passage from the original text (first person, present tense):

“There’s an evacuation in progress,” replies the first guardsmen, “this an issued order for the whole country to be on alert.”
“Why is that?” I ask. The guardsmen look to each other.
“The Country of Talica and its allies have made a formal declaration of war,” says the second guard

That’s when Lee decided to go to Aria and get some of his belongings before he left, but by doing so he was attacked as Aria entered conflict. Lo was at this point becoming one of the main characters and she started playing a bigger role in Lee’s life. She was his teacher, a tutor of sorts in place of Lee ever having gone to that magic university in the the current book.

Kahl and Sophie were also becoming major players in the story and had much more involvement in Lee’s everyday life. In place of Aril, Kahl was a butler figure, very strict and formal, while Sophie was his opposite.

Aril wasn’t sold to anyone and didn’t play the same role she had started taking in the current book. There was never a blood contract (which we will go into learning more of it, hopefully in the second volume).

Regardless of the differences, or the new characters that were new to the story, I knew that old text wasn’t ready for public eyes. Back then I had about ten or more pages of the story that I consulted with a mentor of mine from University. He thought the premise was interesting, and I worked with him to see how I could improve on writing. After all, I was somewhat new to the idea of criticism from my own readers, so I wanted to be ready before continuing the story anymore. I am thankful I waited because WOW, there were many things I needed to improve on and I still need to work on as I’m writing this.

Not to mention that the criticism I did end up receiving, they mostly touched on the first few chapters of the original text that were uploaded, some quoted saying that “the author’s early chapters likely turn away a good many readers who may well have enjoyed the later aspects of the story,” and I couldn’t have agreed more. Afterwards, I decided to restart from where I felt I could salvage the story and I began with the later half of chapter five.

From there on, I only used the original text as a guideline and nothing more.

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Q & A 

(Some Questions Have Been Edited)

Q: “Why did it take Lee’s family so long to begin a search for him?”

A: It didn’t. I will include special chapters dedicated to Lehvie and Nes’ point of view during Lee’s disappearance. The blame is entirely on me.


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Q :Who where some of the new characters that weren’t in the original text?

Let’s begin with knowing who were the originals:

A: These newly introduced characters would include actually naming one of the bandits, now known as Marth (from Fire Emblem – Subject to change for obvious reasons). He played a bigger role than in the original.

          “Understood.” With that, Claire looks at me. “Listen to what we tell you, okay?” To which I nod. “Good,” She says. The sun was reaching the middle of the sky. A moment later, some wolfs return. Just three, all covered in blood. I know Zel is tough, she must have escaped–is what I want to believe

Not to mention the obvious change from Zel to Zeyl.

Leland was a newcomer and players a bigger role as well.

Freyer lost a few years from being an old lady in the original text, to just being about middle-aged. That counts as new!

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Q: Mid-twenties is too old to be a mother in medieval settings unless he has a few brothers/sisters already.

A: Completely agree with this, though answered in subsequent chapters, i.e., Lehvie is introduced.

However, it was already decided that the new world would have a more advanced medical system. That in point, it eliminates the need for families to seek adding multiple children to the family.

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Q: Why can they speak English? He shouldn’t be able to understand them, please change that (or not). Do you know the possibility of being reincarnated to a world with the same language? Let’s not pretend it’s not zero, the language ‘english’ is thousands of years old but someone that speaks today’s english could barely understand the english of 100 years ago. 

A:  I completely understand the concern. To put it simply, coming up with a new language would be asking for too much. I did come up with measures to explain it in the book (not yet added).

Originally, in the very early drafts of the series, I did in fact create a new language (a placeholder anyway, for when I could come up with one). It didn’t feel right so I dropped it completely, though only through certain parts of the countries and limited the language to only humans (for now anyway).


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Q: What kind of government do the countries have?

A:  A pseudo democratic-monarchy. At least for Talica. It is compiled of the Sovereignty, the Legislative and Judicial. The Legislative branch creates the rules. The Judicial branch interprets the rules. The Soveriegn controls the military, and enforces the rules. 

This has a special caveat. The sovereign is voted from the current children of the Sovereignty, and only the military may cast a vote. This position is for life. And while it may sound unfair, each soldier is sworn to protect the country and its people.

Glinn: Queen of Talica. Given title of saint, after the protecting the country from the last war.

The Queen’s children.

Nes: First Princess of Talica. A favorite among the people for her vigilance and involvement in the people’s affairs and every day lives. She was absent through most of Liel’s childhood through book one due to a certain incident. She resided in Licia, where she learned to govern the city with her aunt. She has a love for pole-arms, and currently makes it a hobby to collect them.

Lehvie: Second Princess of Talica. She has a habit of acting mature in front of others and relies heavily on Beck and Quinn to guide her into becoming a proper ruler. Lehvie exerts innocence, something her elder sister had long lost.

Liel: First Prince of Talica, third born to the royal family. His title is not formally recognized by Talica, as his identity had been kept secret from birth.

There are other members of the Royal family. These include two sisters of Queen Glinn, and are in their own right princesses. One is deceased, and the other is currently governing the city of Licia.

Below are the families, nobles, who first came to the first king’s aid during the building of Talica, and are thus the first families, that, should for some reason all of Talica’s royal member become deceased, then the first families retain the right to be crowned as the new royals. Decision of which family becomes the next rules  is, however, retained by Talica’s people.

The families are still in the process of being created, since they will become important in future volumes.  More in the future.

The Highdain Owl Emblem (Tentative)

The Licia Black Raven Emblem – A Military Family (Tentative).

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World History (incomplete) – What we know so far.

Going through Rework.

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Q: How do emblems work?

A: Emblems, or coat of arms, are earned. Each one is given either through great effort, or contribution to Talica, the country being the only one to currently use such system.

The Royal Family is represented by a phoenix. Families that have contributed to the military in the past earn a special emblem that is represented by their respected bird with a phoenix in the background. These may be change, should there be no current active military personnel in the family for more than twenty years.

As a caveat. Children of the ruling monarch have a unique emblem, represented by a phoenix wielding a meteor, sword, or shield respectively.

Families that earned an emblem through effort, or contribution, are represented through a bird of their choosing, should one be available.

More in the future.

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Q: How is power passed down?

A: Three conditions have to be met. Relation, sex, and proximity. In that order. I should admit that this “power” has a will of its own.

If there is a current male with blood relations, he shall have the highest priority. If not, whoever is the closest relative will be chosen.

The previous instance was done through Glinn and the previous Queen of Talica, Mistleneer. Having been voted next queen, Glinn was to stay in the capital with her mother, while all living relatives are ordered to live in Licia.

In the case that the current power holder dies unexpectedly, that power will then search for the nearest with the royal  bloodline. If that power chooses someone not elected for the position, that person will not automatically be considered the new monarch. Elections must still be held, unless under extreme conditions wherein war is in place, and thus temporary rule is passed down to a royal who is voted from the first families (see how ranks work in the monarchy).

Should the previous scenario take place and no war is in place, then elections are held. If the current power holder is voted into becoming the new ruler, then all will play as usual. If not, and someone else is voted the new ruler, the power holder must then follow a stringent set of rules that must be followed in order to protect the country. Should they refuse, they forfeit their lives, thus allowing someone else to gain that power.


In Lee’s case.

A male born of the royal family, should he be born of the current power holder, then the power will play favorites to him. This is only for his genetic code that would otherwise lead the fire to believe him to be the first king, who was also a male. Giving birth would be the only way to transfer that power without the implications of death. It is also the reason males are rarely born from to the power holder.  Lee is the first boy to survive from Glinn. This does not apply to Glinn’s extended family, whom bear children, boy or girl.

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Q: Why aren’t you uploading the more recent chapters to Royal Road?

A: I need time to proofread and edit the chapters enough so that they are ready to be uploaded elsewhere. I want to set a good level of quality that can be found in all my chapters, and I release them early on my website for that purpose. This eliminates the need to update all chapters on the different sites I upload them to (which is currently limited to RoyalRoad, and my main hub, Litsnovels. I stopped uploading to wattpad and other sites).

This also means that, while released earlier on Litsnovels, these are prone to errors. It also adds incentive for readers to visit my site. It wasn’t done intentionally, but it is ultimately easier on me. I could count the amount of hours I could have saved, had I started doing this much earlier.

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Falling from top of castle (scene).

This is subject to change in the latest rework.


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A fight with a Black Angel 

This is subject to change in the latest rework.


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Magic System

Each country specializes in their own methods of using magic. Though they may also have sub-divisions.

Talica uses magic through emotion. Fire is conjured through happiness. I found this system to be the most interesting. If one feels sadness, then I imagined something restorative to occur. Each emotion evokes a response that is ultimately for the benefit of the user.

Depression may afflict others with with something making them incapable of fighting. While concurrently erasing the depression from the person that evoked it.

Fear could conjure walls for protection, perhaps even hardened skin.

These require mastery, and are used when needed.

Ephraim boasts chanting. While some stories may condemn it as “slow,” and praise “chantless” magic, I saw it as something more involved. Simply put, I replaced chanting with sound. Any sound. A snap of the fingers could conjure an explosion. Saying “quiet” could mute a person. And saying “burn” could conjure a fire.

Bellmawr specializes in enchantments. They may place spells of their choosing into objects. Ordinary clothes could rival the best steel armor, though not in durability. Enchanting armor itself could make it withstand immense forces. A popping rock could rival a grenade. Through use of crystals, or magic stones, magic itself could be stored and used later. Bellmawr exceeds in the amount of magic that can be store in such objects, and are more than likely to create stones that don’t break upon use. This is exhibited in the summoning stone that Liel had in his possession, which is worth a hefty sum of gold.

Dalric (Previously Dalrhamn) use signs. This is first seen as Zeyl tells Liel how to activate his magic stones, which is through one method. I haven’t fleshed out this path yet. I have planned that these can be used by anyone.The Dalric are composed of a population unable to use magic and therefore use sign magic.Through signs, magic is taken from nature. These signs and mastery is derived completely from how specific signs have to be, which compliments how much more complicated the spell is.

Regardless, each country has their own subdivisions. All forms of magic are taught in each country,



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