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And As A Reminder–Most Questions Are Aimed At Royal Rebirth.

Most of What People Want To Know About Volume 1 (More will be added in the future)

A Short On How The Story Began
Lee’s Current Power And How He Can Use Them.
Lee’s Decision On Returning To Talica
Some Differences From The Original And New Text


The Real Questions and Answers Section

Who Were Some Of The New Characters That Weren’t In The Original Text?
Why Did It Take Lee’s Family So Long To Search For Him?
Mid-Twenties Is Too Old To Be A Mother In Medieval Setting.
Why Can They Speak English?
What Kind Of Government Do The Countries Have?
World History?
How Do Emblems Work?
How Is Power Passed Down? (Refers to Lee’s Hidden Power)
Why Aren’t You Uploading The Recent Chapters To RoyalRoad?


Favorite Scenes and My Concerns With Them

Falling From Top of Castle – Chapter 4
A Fight With A Black Angel – An Alternate Version Of Chapter 28



It all started sometime last year, I believe it was during summer and even then, the story was just a concept. Back then the only characters that existed were of course, Lee, Alice, Glinn, Lehvie, and a very late introduced Nes. I’ll admit that the inspiration for Royal Rebirth was straight from Mushoku Tensei, which I made a short review for on this site. That series reached many volumes, most of which I’ve already read and even own a few volumes of my own, which I can’t read (because it’s in Japanese).

Anyway, it took months but I finally wrote my story down.

First I needed somewhere to post my stories, and this blog made it happen quite easily. Some people might even remember the early stages of this blog when it looked very unprofessional, as it still sort of does today. I know I had begun uploading two separate stories and even articles of whatever came to mind to just keep me writing. I stopped short of chapter 5 and didn’t upload anything more until April, I think. Not that there wasn’t anything to upload, there is still the original text that I worked on for those absent months and I simply let it rest there because I believed I wasn’t ready yet.

In the original text, I’m looking at it as I write this, it reached about 43,000 words by the time I stopped adding anything new. By the time I felt ready, I had to pick between continuing The First Deities, or Royal Rebirth (since I could not for the life of me focus on two stories). So I picked Royal Rebirth. By then, I didn’t have that tearful chapter 0, the prologue that some people commented that they cried reading (because it was sad). I think i let some tears out when I finished it, too! Not to be full of myself, but I genuinely felt bad for a character I created.

Skip forward some many chapters later. I can honestly say I haven’t expected many people to read it, even as I uploaded the story to various sites. This is one of the reasons I chose Royal Rebirth over my second story, and that’s because of the boom in popularity over the other. This is not to say I won’t finish the other story, or that I won’t begin a new one sometime in the future.

Only time will tell.

As a reminder, Royal Rebirth, while it has gone through drafts before upload, the chapters are still in their first phase. Meaning that even after the volume is completed, I will still be revising it. This will range from added scene, deleted content, new dialogue, more character expressions (because it is lacking), changes to events in the story, and much more.

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The trip to Crater lake still happened, but on return is when Aria would have been attacked a few hours after Lee arrived. It was evacuated. The following is a passage from the original text:

“There’s an evacuation in progress,” replies the first guardsmen, “this an issued order for the whole country to be on alert.”
“Why is that?” I ask. The guardsmen look to each other.
“The Country of Talica and its allies have made a formal declaration of war,” says the second guard

That’s when Lee decided to go to Aria and get some of his belongings before he left, but by doing so he was attacked as Aria entered conflict. Lo was at this point becoming one of the main characters and she started playing a bigger role in Lee’s life. She was his teacher, a tutor of sorts in place of Lee ever having gone to that magic university in the new text. She was also part of a magic guild of sorts that protected the city and she found Lee as he was getting his things from the house.

Kahl and Sophie were also becoming major players in the story and had much more involvement  in Lee’s everyday life. In place of Aril, Kahl was the butler figure, very strict and formal while there was Sophie, who was quiet at first and afraid of Lee until she had gotten used to him.

Aril wasn’t sold to anyone and didn’t play the same role she had started taking in the new text. There was never a blood contract (which we will go into learning more of it, hopefully in the second volume).

Regardless of the differences, or the new characters that were new to the story, I knew that old text wasn’t ready for public eyes. Back then I had about ten or more pages of the story that I consulted with a tutor of mines from my University. He thought the premise was interesting, and I worked with him to see how I could improve on writing. After all, I was somewhat new to the idea of criticism from my own readers, so I wanted to be ready before continuing the story anymore. Though I showed him only ten pages, in reality I had about sixty pages of the story already typed up but not uploaded. I am thankful I waited because WOW, there were many things I needed to improve on and I still need to work on as I write this.

Not to mention that the criticism I did end up receiving, they mostly touched on the first few chapters of the original text that were uploaded, some quoted saying that “the author’s early chapters likely turn away a good many readers who may well have enjoyed the later aspects of the story,” and I couldn’t have agreed more with that statement and that’s because the chapters people read were part of the original (which have seen revision ever since then). Afterwards, and this was months later, I decided to restart from where I felt I could salvage the story and I began with the later half of chapter five.

From there on, I only used the original text as a guideline and nothing more.

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Q & A 

(Some Questions Have Been Edited)

Q: “Why did it take Lee’s family so long to begin a search for him?”

A: It didn’t. The search began immediately after his disappearance, but at the time, his secrecy was kept in utmost importance because if all members of his family began searching, two princesses and a Queen no less, then this would be a major flag. While this isn’t said in the story, the original idea is that search groups were sent across the world in search of him. The only problem is where to look?

Lee and the seeker stone with him weren’t actually in the new world. Thus, the other half of the stone did not work at all. If we remember correctly, Lee was in a strange white world that he roamed around for a few years, and while this is what the text describes it as, some people have asked if it was just a dream, or not. I’ll say that it was very real, but also ‘dream-like.’ This world will play a role in the story to come. While the part about it was short, and he did spend years in it, being inside made time feel like it was going faster. Lee might have felt it was a dream for this reason and tried not thinking to deeply on it, which Pauline later asks him about for the years he had gone missing. He could easily believe it has something to do with magic, because his understanding of what the heck has being on with him can’t be answered so easily–like the fact that he was brought to a new world. This will change in the upcoming revisions.

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Q :Who where some of the new characters that weren’t in the original text?

Let’s begin with knowing who were the originals:

1. Lee, Alice, Glinn, Lehvie, Nes, Aril, Zeyl, Freyer, Lis (first known as Claire), Lo, Kahl, Sophie, and Selsie.

A: These newly introduced characters would include actually naming one of the bandits, now known as Marth. Lis’s original name was Claire, though I later changed it because I just didn’t think the name fit her character at the time. Here’s a little excerpt from the original text with dialogue from Claire/Lis:

          “Understood.” With that, Claire looks at me. “Listen to what we tell you, okay?” To which I nod. “Good,” She says. The sun was reaching the middle of the sky. A moment later, some wolfs return. Just three, all covered in blood. I know Zel is tough, she must have escaped–is what I want to believe

Not to mention the obvious change from Zel to Zeyl. I remember someone commenting on a different site (since I upload chapters to different sites, the only benefit from this one is that you get chapters much earlier), the comment asked why does she, “his new found protector,” NOT discuss or question his decisions? All I can say is that Zeyl is a soldier, one with an objective that she eventually fulfills in Aria. I think I wrote somewhere in the first chapters in Aria that Zeyl left Lee to make his own decisions–sounds strange right? Why would she? He was just a child in outward appearances.. but people forget that this is a different world where social practices are different, that and because she was first and foremost a soldier of Dahramn, could we trust her completely? No, but it certainly was hard not to trust her… she saved Lee’s life after all.

Leland have a chance to enter the stage because in the original text I had not reached that point.

Freyer lost a few years from being an old lady in the original text, to just being about middle-aged. That counts as new!

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Q: Mid-twenties is too old to be a mother in medieval settings unless he has a few brothers/sisters already.

A: The mother’s age problem was solved in the following chapter when Lehvie was introduced.  The comment was correct to believe that Lee had siblings… but this concern is not entirely in the right because the information was based off THIS world’s medieval system, where people easily died of disease, and thus needed to have more children at younger ages (something like that). Often, the same children were born into the world without ever knowing their grandparents, but in a world of magic where the advancement of medicine was answered with magic.. that logic has no ground in this new world.

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Q: Why can they speak English? He shouldn’t be able to understand them, please change that (or not)Do you know the possibility of being reincarnated to a world with the same language? Let’s not pretend it’s not zero, the language ‘english’ is thousands of years old but someone that speaks today’s english could barely understand the english of 100 years ago. 

A: The language issue, which I was seemingly lectured about (by the way, I’m an English Major). I’ll begin with saying that, again, this seems to be based on the assumption that Lee was sent back in time to a real medieval setting. He wasn’t. It is a new world. It’s also funny because I took a class on the roots of English, which we borrowed words heavily from latin, french (Rs), let’s just say many languages, etc., etc., so I understand  very well the differences in old and new English. Let’s ignore that for now and I’ll explain, without spoiling, why there is English.

– A simple truth would be that it was easy and simple solution without needing to go in-depth of coming up with a new language (thought I could have easily borrowed my understanding of the second language I know and just used that for the story–that was an option). However, what really happened is that I DID,  in fact, try writing the story with a new language but decided to drop it because it just didn’t feel right with me (the file with the text is corrupted beyond recovery, so I can’t show you early stages of it). Mind you, I didn’t entirely neglect it as simply telling the readers to “deal with it.” Not at all, and I’ll say that there is something that explains why they can speak English, and this made me excited when I found that it could be done without breaking any rules. You’ll just have to trust me on this one. The real answer, which isn’t really at all important when you take into account the rest of the story, it will be something that Lee brings up and finds the answer to, along with other things, (hopefully sometime in the future of the series).

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Q: What kind of government do the countries have?

A: I used “region” to simply divide areas back when the map was first created. Silly old me didn’t think to have them set as countries, and editing the map is just something I keep putting off (the original map is stored on a corrupt hard-drive, which would have made the edit take only minutes).

As for the government, I’d say most of them are ruled in a monarchy with either a King or Queen. However, consider that the map isn’t nearly finished, so new countries, big or small, have yet to be added, but it should be a more complete map sometime during the second volume.

As for Talica, succession works by both blood relation and a sort of voting system where the people can choose which current royal will take the throne after either the monarch dies, or gives up the crown.

The following isn’t about the government, but about ranks and social status of individuals. So, in other words, who ranks where and how much power they have. Beginning with the Queen:

Glinn: Queen of Talica, (a complete family tree is in the works), her power and influence is unrivaled. Loved by Talicians for defending her country during the war with Dahramn, she is also considered Saint of Talica, a title given to only one person per region. Her alternate name, often only referred to from Talician nobles, and as represented by having her emblem’s phoenix needing no sword, no meteor, and no sword, as well as an emblem passed down from Queen to Queen, is “Wisdom.”

The Queen’s children.

Nes: First Princess of Talica, and likely next heir to the throne (should people vote for her over Lehvie). A girl at the young age of only fifteen, she is a favorite among the people for her vigilance and involvement in the people’s affairs and every day lives. For being a princess, her power and influence forces a  balance between herself and the Queen, which as a tradition, Nes has a right to vote for or against the Queen’s actions, but has yet to do so because there has been no need for it so far.  Her alternate name, often only referred to from Talician nobles, and as represented by the meteor on her emblem, is “Chaos.”

Lehvie: Second Princess of Talica, she is loved by the people of Talica for her charm and playfulness that isn’t found so easily in either her mother or elder sister. Lehvie, like her sister, also retains the right by tradition to vote for or against the Queen’s actions. Lehvie has the lowest influence of her mother and sister, but has an advantage for having magic over her sister which has been revealing Lehvie’s genius for her control of fire. Her alternate name, often referred to from Talician nobles, and as represented by the shield of her emblem, is “Unity.”

Liel: First Prince of Talica, third born to the royal family, his existence is unknown by the people of Talica. He has no influence and has no right by tradition to vote for or against the Queen’s actions. This is due to his birth being kept secret. However, because all royals by birth are given their own emblem, and thus their own castle, Lee retains the right to his own soldiers and servants. Emblems are given out in order of birth, if a new royal is born, people can already assume the new child’s emblem. Lee’s alternate name, often only referred to from Talician nobles, and as represented by the sword of his emblem, is “Justice.”

There are other members of the Royal family. These include two sisters of Queen Glinn, and are in their own right princesses. Glinn also has one uncle, who at some point married into the royal family by becoming a lover of the Queen’s now deceased aunt, and the same aunt to previously hold tittle of “Justice,” an emblem passed down to Lee. Only true royals by blood are allowed an alternate title.

Below are the families, nobles, who first came to the first king’s aid during the building of Talica, and are thus the first families, that, should for some reason all of Talica’s royal member become deceased, then the first families retain the right to be crowned as the new royals. Decision of which family becomes the next rules  is, however, retained by Talica’s people.

The families are still in the process of being created, since they will become important in future volumes.  More in the future.

The Highdain Owl Emblem (Tentative)

The Licia Black Raven Emblem – A Military Family (Tentative).

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World History (incomplete) – What we know so far.

Though I sometimes refer to them as “stories,” some of them hold truth to Talica’s history, as well as the world history.

Where to begin..

– The first person to become a king was King Olivar, who gained the power of fire thanks to an elv he met on his travels. This gain of fire is different from a usual fire spell, as it is more refined, more efficient, and definitely more devastating. With it, he used that fire to melt the northern countries, where Talica is now located, and made it home for his people. With all the new found resources at his disposal, as well as his new found power, the first king easily rooted Talica to being one of the smallest and most powerful country of all.

Other regions still had not become separate countries, and were simply small towns or early city states with no real governing force. Years passed and Talica was gaining influence very quickly. This rapid growth was not taken well by other developing countries, such as Dahramn, which was a country mostly located in a less resource rich region. In answer to this, Dahramn asked for Talica’s rapid development to come to a halt in fear that they were becoming too powerful. King Olivar refused, and Dahramn answered this by going to war, only to find themselves nearly annihilated for what had become their attempt in invading Talica.

Other countries witnessed this and began building up their military for the smallest probability that Talica should ever decide to invade their country. I suppose one reason I did think of having them be regions, is because countries close to Talica were afraid if defining their borders more clearly, which could only be answered by calling their areas as just regions.

A complete and more detailed history will be in the works, so I hope this is enough for now.

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Q: How do emblems work?

A: The royal emblems are given from birth to those born with royal blood. This has been a tradition after the first king’s daughter was born and he had decided to give her the first emblem of the phoenix. This emblem came to be known as the one passed down from Queen to Queen after the first king’s death. The tittle is “Wisdom,” a phoenix on the emblem with nothing but itself.

Emblems after that are with the same phoenix, but with it handling something on its talons.

Wisdom: The original phoenix. Given to the current monarch (Glinn).

Mercy: A green glow. Queen Glinn’s previous tittle before taking Wisdom.

Chaos: A meteor. Current holder is Nes.

Unity: A shield. Current holder is Lehvie.

Justice: A sword. Current holder, unofficially, is Liel.

Benevolence: A thorn rose. Current holder is Glinn’s youngest sister.

More in the future.

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Q: How is power passed down?

A: Power is passed down by proximity, but only to other members with the same blood. In other words, upon death of a person holding that power (which I will refer to as ‘power holder’), one condition met in order to attain that power is to be related by blood. That power will leave the deceased’s body and search for someone with similar blood.

If a royal with that power is expected to die within an estimated amount of time, then elections are held to decide the next monarch. This monarch, in the case of Queen Glinn, who won the election over her sisters, was then placed in proximity and in solidarity with the dying monarch (Glinn’s mother, and the previous Queen). Once the previous Queen died, her power was passed down to Glinn.

In the case that the current power holder dies unexpectedly, that power will then search for the nearest with the royal  bloodline. If that power chooses someone not elected by the people, that person will not automatically be considered the new monarch. Elections must still be held, unless under extreme conditions wherein war is in place, and thus temporary rule is passed down to a royal who is voted from the first families (see how ranks work in the monarchy).

Should the previous scenario take place and no war is in place, then elections are held. If the current power holder is voted into becoming the new ruler, then all will play as usual. If not, and someone else is voted the new ruler, then the current power holder may still use their traditional power to vote against the current monarch. However, their life becomes subject to that vote, meaning that should their power be needed to go to war, they are not allowed to refuse if there is a vote to support the current monarch’s decision to go to war.

– Under those circumstances, should the power holder refuse their involvement, then he/she will need to be put to death–immediately if in the case of war. This can only be done by other members of the royal family, who can withstand the power’s overwhelming fires.

In Lee’s case.

A male born of the royal family, should he be born of the current power holder, then the power will play favorites to him. This is only for his genetic code that would otherwise lead the fire to believe him to be the first king, who was also a male. Giving birth would be the only way to transfer that power without the implications of death.

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Q: Why aren’t you uploading the more recent chapters to Royal Road?

A: Because I need time to proofread and edit the chapters enough so that they are ready to be uploaded elsewhere. I want to set a good level of quality that can be found in all my chapters, and if I release them early, that means I have to do individual edits per site I upload them to. This takes a lot of my time, that I could otherwise use to keep writing. That’s just how things are, and I only give people the option to come to this site, which is the main hub, so that they can read content much earlier but at the cost of reading it with errors. To them, I apologize.

If you notice the errors, I would ask them to be pointed out. That’s a big help, more than you could imagine.

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Falling from top of castle (scene).

When Lee decided to jump to his death, first of all, we understand that he comments that it could be an option to returning home (to the world he came from). Easy right? It was a better option than being kept in a child body for many more years to come and in that chapter (ch.4) there is a conversation between Lee and Alice:

“Will I be here forever?” I asked with a half-hearted smile and she closes her book. After a long pause, she answers.

“I’ll be with you, to protect you for as long as I live,” she replies.

Her answers was too vague and it almost sounded like he would be kept inside forever. While it wasn’t certain, by this point at the conclusion of the first volume, we know that it was stated that Lee would be kept a secret to keep him safe. This could go on for years or decades until the war was over, and even then we aren’t certain if Talica will win or not. We are also not sure that if Lee stayed and not jumped, could there ever be a chance that he would have been let out? I certainly believe so.

His intro to the world in that scenario would have played this way:

– If Dahramn found out about the Queen having a son, then they could move in to kidnap him and keep him alive long enough for war to have become a reality. It’s not as easy as it sounds, of course.

-Then there are the nobles of Talica. Rich, powerful, and influential when together. While they may seem bad at first glance, I actually took to understand why they would need Lee to die. If it is true that the Queen was greatly weakened on his birth, then killing Lee would return his power. Right?

Okay, let’s say they killed Lee. What then?

-Well, the Queen would have gotten her power back and she would have annihilated Talica’s enemies. The chapter would have played out with the Queen realizing the return of her power and then finding the culprit who killed her son, and immediately taking her revenge on them. Regardless,  a few Talicians nobles would be dead, and so would Lee. War with Talica would not be an easy win with her power returned and the Talician people would be safe. Hundreds of thousands of people, women, children, soldiers spared from having to go to war… all saved for the price of sacrificing one single child.

This is all under the assumption that people believe the Queen to be weakened, and that people truly believe that Lee has that power hidden inside him. No one can act unless there is proof of his blood ties to the Queen. And so far, only a handful of people know of it.

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A fight with a Black Angel 

Probably one of the controversial scenes that played out in the story. Lee offers his terms to return to Talica and Alice accepts them after her loss, which she points out she would have won.


Here is an excerpt from where the alternate version begins changing. Mind you, the excerpt is in the first draft so reading it will be odd.

“Stop!” I yelled… and she did. This is like a repeat of that time in the castle.


“I want to know,” I said, looking straight into the eyes of Alice, then Nes. “…Did you come all the way to Aria… just to kill me?” I then looked to Lilia. She placed her lance down, kneeled and closed her eyes. I kept waiting for an answer. There was a long pause and every second longer forced some sort of truth with Pauline’s words.

“Lehvie truly loves you as her little brother,” said Nes.  “I’ll tell her that you died in battle and we couldn’t get to you quickly enough.”

“And mother,” I said. No, I’ve decided now not to call her that. “The Queen, does she want this to happen?”

“Yes,” said Nes, “but I know she will be greatly saddened. Like Lehvie, both loved you more than you’ll ever know… But you must understand that protecting our country at the cost of one royal is a price we must pay. If the circumstances were different… if there was no war, no need to kill one another, then I’m sure mother would have let herself die before letting her children suffer like this.”

“… Alice” I said

“Yes… ?” she answered with a half smile, eyes watering.

“It’s good to see you again,” I said.

“You as well,” then her tears ran down her cheek.

“I don’t suppose you’re here for the same thing?”

“I am,” said Alice, pausing for a second, “an order from the Queen. We can take you back to Talica and you can meet with her, but it won’t be long after that. War is already at the front door.”


That’s where I paused to re-read what I had just wrote. I kept looking at that scene and decided from finishing the chapter (this was supposed to be part of chapter 27 and already ran for 5k words). Then I decided that to cut part of the chapter before this scene and upload it as the true chapter 27. The chapter following was almost complete at this point, since I already had the fighting scene in, though it changed by the time it was uploaded.

The new chapter 28 plays out that scene very differently, with Nes explaining that this was true a long time ago. Also, that the Queen did not want him dead at all, and simply wanted to keep him safe again (which she tried doing, this is something we cannot ignore). I would have though right then that it would have been better to kill him soon after birth over the thought of getting further attached to him.

Why did I do this? I know some people would have wanted to see some bloodshed.

Here are my thoughts on it:

– The moment that Lee was born, could have been the moment where the Queen figured that he should die, early and without needing to prolong his death years later when war broke out, a war that was also coming without failure. While it may have seen that she didn’t visit Lee enough to seem hint that she loved him as her son, she couldn’t just visit him whenever she wanted. Specially for someone trying to keep her son a secret. There were nobles that monitor her movements and she tried keeping that secret for as long as she could.

I don’t know any mother who would sacrifice her own children willingly, so the alternate version really bugged me. I don’t hold the same anger towards the royal family that some readers seem to have. I also really like Alice’s character… so where am I going with this?

– I really doubt that Alice would let his death go on so easily, she even saved him when he tried committing suicide. Lehvie either. Lilia was no exception because of her loyalty to Lee and Pauline tried taking him to Dahramn to have him live there.

Then there was Nes. She is the only character I wouldn’t be surprised if people disliked her because she didn’t have much of an interaction with Lee. We weren’t sure if she was hostile or not. Especially if Nes was with Lehvie, that is, if the alternate version had come into play, I’m sure Lehvie would have tried something risky–or Dane would have tried killing Nes.

People seem to think that four years of being held captive proves to be a problem. If it was solitary confinement, I might have taken up the alternate version, however, he was always with Alice and visited often by Lehvie. By year four, he was more or less able to keep a conversation going with Alice. During this time, and as revisions will prove later on, Lee was starting to believe his confinement was permanent. There was an already impossible scenario of him having been reborn, he also noticed that the moon he sometimes tried ignoring through his window was not similar to the one orbiting earth. If reincarnation worked once, why not a second time? So he tried testing it out, but was saved by Alice.

This might seem a bit extreme for Lee to jump to his death, and it is, but I don’t expect to ever know how someone in his situation might feel.

But why? Why jump?

He knew he wasn’t on earth, and being held in confinement was taking him nowhere. If he reincarnated again, he might have a better chance of finding his sister or at least being let out into the outside world. Even if he talked it out with Alice and revealed who he was, this doesn’t take away from the fact that he was in a new world.

This should go without saying, though his actions may have been extreme, this is still the early version of a story that has only seen its first few chapters partially revised.

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Lee’s Current Powers And How He Can Use Them

Lee can use his understanding of science to use magic, while other users have to rely on feeling the spell or imagining it to get a clear picture of what they want to use. Lee is different because he is much, much more precise in what his spells do and how they react to things.

Using his method, or the normal way that others use magic would still involve using magic, and that magic is a special vein behind their necks as we learned in the early chapters when Neean inspects Lee for his ability to use magic.

At this point, Lee can only use the small reserves he has at his disposal and this limits what he can do in combat. Essentially, he is like a gun with only one bullet, or a gun with a very slow reload. Meaning that he cannot use spells that require large amounts of magic like a simple water or fire spell. We did learn that Aril has a very abnormally large vein for that magic, so she can use multiple spells without stopping and still have magic in reserves. You could this mana if you’d like.

Here is an example of how a person would use magic versus Lee. In this example both will attempt to use a water spell. Let us also assume that person 1 has three times the amount of magic that Lee does and that one water spell require the exact sum of all of Lee’s magic reserve.

Person 1: Imagine that water spur from a source where mana could leak out from (hand, or the tip of a staff so long as your hand is touching a part of the staff) and then feel that water will come out from it. Done, and now he can repeat this two more times.

Lee: A water molecule is what Lee would need to create water, but in order for us to see it, he would need a lot of them created simultaneously. Millions, billions, of water molecules that are made from two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atoms are needed for Lee to create that same water that the previous user created. He, however in this example, can only create one before needing to rest.

This can be made easier for Lee if her borrows water from a source already there and then just move the molecules or stop them in place to freeze the water. Now, I’ll admit that I am no scientist, so I do try and study/research  as much as I can about the use of atoms. This is why the story is tagged with “Fictional Science,” because there will come a point when I cannot be as accurate as I would like to be.

What Lee can do that makes his magic better is that he can easily manipulate his opponents magic back at them without needing to use much magic because the spell had already been created. He is simply moving the atoms back toward the opponent, like he did with Lo in their practice session and she wound up getting wet from the water spells they were practicing to throw at each other.

Now the most important part of Lee and his magic.

– He is NOT all powerful. This would require a deep understanding of the atomic structure and likely would have meant that Lee had gone through many years of studying the subject (this is answered in the prologue, where we find out Lee is forced out of university because he can no longer afford it. Yes, this is set in the U.S.). If he had a doctorate on the subject, then I could easily see him becoming god-like without a problem, so long as he had the magic reserves to do so.  Even I admited that I do research on it with a computer handy and the internet at my disposal, so imagine Lee, who was very young before being taken away, and seeing him somehow knowing everything about atoms without the same resources that I have. That won’t work.

HOWEVER, and I like this about it, in the future I will say that instead of magic books from some famous library in Talica, or wherever, his version of a magic book will need to be a text from his world. If he can learn more about atoms from that text, then it will prove more useful than any magic book from the new world.

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Lee’s Decision On Returning To Talica

This one is something that people had a problem with. The way I look at it, however, is if you take a look at chapter 28, where they fight Alice. We see his concerns.

– He had Lilia fight for him. In the previous chapter, he asked Pauline of Lilia’s trustworthiness, and Pauline said that she truly believes that Lilia will protect Lee.

Regardless of who would protect Lee, there is doubt that he could have done much alone. When we see what he can do with his powers, we know they are very limited because of his magic reserves. Therefore, Lee is not strong. What people probably missed in that chapters is that he needed Lilia for this fight. He NEEDS others to be there and fight with him, and this means that Aril, Sophie, Kahl, and even Selsie would become candidates for such a task if Lee decided to keep running away in a world that was coming very close to our world’s version of World War II.

The problem? Before we move on, here is some background to Lee’s current powers.

Sure, Lee could have cut them with his ability to take their atoms apart, okay. However, that would take a lot magic to do so because he must concentrate on the atoms he wants to take apart. Cutting Alice’s stone was very simple because they aren’t big. So if we look at his situation, Lilia could have died. He needs to place other people’s life on the line, most of whom were still children or young teenagers. I don’t think Lee would put them in danger just so that he wouldn’t have to return to Talica.

Is there more to it? Yes.

Aside from wanting to keep his new family safe, there are other motives to his decision, but I do very much believe that their safety was his first concern. We also learned that Nes had them vacated to a ship offshore from Aria for their safety while there was a skirmish in the city.

The only combat ready member in the family is Selsie. There will be a special chapter dedicated to her in the future.


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