Some concept art of Alice done by a different artist and I ended up not liking the design. Not that it’s the artist’s fault, it just didn’t fit the style or image I had in mind.


Alice Color image enlarged

Some of you might remember the version of her I did for the early chapters in volume 1. I wanted to show off the crystals she had implanted. The crystals themselves took forever to make, even with reference material but I gotta say I loved how they turned out. I just wish there was more variety since they’re all different sizes of the same one. Haha..

Mind you, I had about zero experience with the studio program I used to draw this with. Or more like zero experience with drawing on a PC in general. Before that I had only been drawing with paper and pencil and I think I’m a fairly decent artist at best.

As for the skin color–I think it was well done, if anything it looks okay but I might have just gotten lucky.

So, total time I spent on this… probably five hours plus two or three hours figuring out how to use the program and an hour or more on tutorials online.


Alice 002 (Inverted-Small Res)I finished this one back in January (on paper) and only recently decided to trace it over to the art program. I might be able to finish it by Friday and added to a following chapter (then again my estimates are almost always off).

None of the artworks are official, but I did end up liking how this new one turned out. I always imagined Alice as someone stern and long-winded.

I did have an early one of Lehvie, but I was very unhappy about that one.

Hopefully this one will turn out fine in the final version.






Here is the very first concept art of Alice I did in 2014 right before or during the beginning of the series.

She still maintains that stern look of hers. It was also one of the first times I did a drawing with zero reference and just drew it at the top of my head, so I was very happy and felt that I grew a little as an artist.

I did one of Glinn at the same time I did this one but It’s lost somewhere in a stack of papers–I’ll find it eventually.




Thanks for reading!