Climbing on Selsie was easier than I thought it would be. Actually.. she picked me up by the collar of my shirt and placed me on her back. Yet another reminder that I am a pips-squeak at the rough age of only seven. That’s fine. While I rode on Selsie, I can remember what it feels like being at a proper height while I look down at the surroundings from here.

“Alright,” I said, “let’s go.”
* * *

The travel was short to reach the area where Selsie and her pack first attacked us. It took about an hour getting here, but only because we took a more steady and slow pace. That was due to my head throbbing along the way if went too quickly.

What I saw when we got there… were multiple bodies.

All of them belonged to Selsie’s pack, but even then, I felt worried as my heart couldn’t calm down. My breathing was also louder than usual. I thought I’d get used to this, but it’s a different story when it is someone close to you. Even if it is a person you only got to know for a short while.

One.. two.. three.. I saw two others near each other, then six… seven..

There were seven wolves, including Selsie, that’s eight of the of the original ten. Zeyl took down seven, and she had only two more to go. She killed them, I’m sure of it. Then I’m reminded of how tired she was. I don’t think any father than that and simply continue my search around the immediate area.


It didn’t take long for me to fall on my knees at the sight before me.

I remember Zeyl wearing some light protection on her arms, and I could even remember the unique patterns and markings it had.

What I found didn’t prove anything. I tried convincing myself of these exact words.

I found a severed limb belonging to Zeyl. What remained was from her elbow to her hand. There was no body belonging to her around, however. There was no sign of blood flowing out from the arm at it should be nor any trailing around to follow.

Selsie walked behind me, brushing past me. I stared at her and felt tears wanting to force their way out. I tried pushing Selsie away from me, but she’s so big that it felt like pushing a wall.

The giant wolf ignored me, sniffing around near Zeyl’s limb until she stumbled upon a moderately size hole in the ground. It was practically hidden, so I didn’t see it at first. There was a partial bush sticking out from the hole as I got closer. I found her.


Beside her were the remains of a wolf. Both of them covered in blood and tightly squeezed inside. I couldn’t tell whose blood it belonged to. One of her legs and her one arm tangled themselves on loose roots of a tree that were sticking out from the dirt walls of the hole.

Then I looked at her eyes, hers open, and they followed me. She blinked.

“Lee..” she whispered.

* * *

I had Selsie help me take her out after confirming that Zeyl’s body was okay to move. No broken bones or blunt injuries to the head.

“You’re not going to die… right?” I ask, looking at where part of her arm was missing, and then back to her face. There should have been blood flowing from arm, as well, if it didn’t already drain completely. But that’s not obviously true, since she’s still alive.. and still conscious.

Her left hand was closed in a fist the whole time. She opened and as I noticed the slight movements she was trying to make, revealing three very small magic stones. Much smaller to mine, they were all used up and had no shine on them.

“Do you have any more?” I ask, she stays silent as she lay on the soft grass. I looked at her from above as I sat on my legs.

Right then I remember about the the remaining stone I still had. I take it out, quickly form the activation sequence on the ground and place near her after the glow began appearing, hoping it would heal her.


Nothing happened. I place it near for her to see with her own eyes in hopes she could identify it.

“Can this stone heal?” I ask, she responds by shaking slowly. I undo the activation on the stone.

Selsie lies down nearby, and I looked to her. She rested her face on the ground and then proceeded to closer her eyes.

Shortly after, the clouds started bonding together, and the day seemingly getting increasingly darker. It’s a clear sign that it’s going to rain, and even worse, the night will arrive soon.

I had Selsie look for Zeyl’s belongings and have them brought over while I began looking for things to make a shelter with. From what I remember, Zeyl had supplies with her, not much, and so they seemed always hidden behind her and under her over coat. It didn’t take long to find most of it. Except for her sword and overcoat, we got her small bag and whatever was inside.

Included inside was a knife, a cup, some really normal travel items, and a what seemed like a used rag. All of that was in the main compartment, and the others will filled with strange tools, like for maintaining her sword, but that’s just a guess. There were also some food provisions that she carried of dried meats from unknown animals. Lastly, she had what seemed to be the currency used in this world. Coins of different colors, shapes, and markings on them. There is not much to use.

The shelter was built over Zeyl, and soon enough, it was indeed raining. Night was about an hour or so away and so I won’t be able to make a fire. Selsie then gets up and walks away, but I pay no mind to it.

The rainfall itself was normal. It wasn’t harsh or windy and I only breathed the smell the first few drops would make and it would be one of my favorite fragrances that I always saw forward to on days that it would seem to rain. It never rained while I was in Taliqa, however, but since I first found out that this wasn’t my world, my head kept being filled with strange things to expect. Like perhaps the rain would be in a different color, or that I should have been born with different face that was more alien like. That wasn’t the case. Regardless, I placed the cup out to collect rain water.

Rain water could be considered safe, so long as the it is boiled or filtered. Those are two things I was without. In the first place, that’s all we’ve been drinking around here and Zeyl didn’t think too much of it when we began traveling a day or so ago. So long as it wasn’t rain falling nearby a volcano, it should be fine… to some extant.

Now having collected enough water, I raised Zeyl upper body as much as I possibly could and helped her drink some of the water. Next, with the rag I began cleaning her face of the blood that had dried over her. I let her hair fall beside her and got a good look at her eyes while I tried removing any redness around her. On closer look, I could see her eyes were a very dark and beautiful shade of green. I may have paused momentarily while looking at them, but continued to work removing the red from her. She was looking at me the entire time, without saying a word and just letting me do the rest.

“Are you comfortable?” I ask, she nods.

At this point day light was gone. It was as dark as the first night I slept here. This world’s moon was larger than the one in my world, but just barely noticeable. It was a half moon. And it was also a beautiful moon as it reflect the orbiting star’s light

I myself remained to the left of Zeyl. I kept collecting water and drinking, sharing it also with Zeyl. Her severed arm lay wrapped in careful leaves to the side, and I can only hope that there will some magic in the city that can heal such an injury. I did the same with where her limb went missing and wrapped it. I’m sure I also felt Zeyl’s stare in that moment, too.

It was a few hours into the night, since I couldn’t see her eyes, I used my hands to feel for her face, carefully making sure that her eyes were closed. She needs her rest and thankfully that was something she was doing now. Her breathing was normal. She had no fever either. The only thing that concerns me is her constant silence, that perhaps she doesn’t want to say or tell me something important.

Are you dying, Zeyl? I’d like to ask that, but at the same time, it’s an answer I would rather not know. I remained by her side for the night, holding her hand, making sure I could always feel a pulse.

It was a long night and I thought morning would never come…



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