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No. This isn’t some kind of conspiracy theory where I ask my readers to question their governments, though you should at your own discretion.

I’m talking about what we consume regularly on a daily basis like the many types of media, books, articles, and other sources we may use to stay informed. There have been many times when I look at the news and that same news source ends up being called out for being incorrect a day later, I mean, isn’t this why we have retractions? We didn’t question them until the issue came up of their credibility, so in the meantime we chose to believe whatever they said as factual and we take their word for it. This is the same way we have with textbooks– printed words that we believe are true because who would go through all the trouble of doing research and making a book about it? It already carries some sort of credibility. The only problem being is that research isn’t always a means to end. New material will always appear and thus it makes our books outdated.

The same thing applies to people.

There are always two sides to an argument. Either you’re right or you are wrong. So what happens when you’re in the middle of looking at two sides and have to chose for yourself? You question both of them and not follow their words blindly. Do your research and then decide who to follow. If we vote for president I do surely hope that we don’t automatically vote for whoever we “think” is the better candidate, but for those we “know” is the one who should represent our country because we took the time to research what they believe is right for us.

This is a valuable lesson I learned from one of my professors. “Question everything!” Is what he said.

I find posts that argue about a subject neither sides know beyond scratching the surface of the matter to be entertaining. If I want clear energy being implemented in my city, I don’t do it myself. I ask professionals in all kinds of fields from city planing, electrical engineers, and whoever is recommended for the project to do it for me. That is all assuming I was running the city. But I’m not.

Recent arguments that have been popping up lately are about Ebola. A group of people, in this case, John Boehner, urged President Obama to stop all air traffic from countries afflicted with ebola. I agree only because of a mortality rate averaging sixty five percent. I won’t lie and say that I wasn’t concerned. What is scary is that we have failed to take proper measures, one such place being Texas. But that’s like saying that the apple doesn’t fall from the tree. They messed up, but it doesn’t mean we will, too.

I say that, but this isn’t the focus of my “Question Everything!” statement. A little research lead me to conclude that the number of people who have actually passed away from the virus isn’t much to worry about. This is all because I questioned ebola and its threat level towards me. The fact of the matter is that I have a higher chance of dying while driving out to a friend’s house. I probably have a higher chance of wining the lottery. I have a better chance of dying just walking to the nearest convenience store, slipping, and splitting open my cranium for the world to see.

And perhaps this is what happens when you let others think for you. But it’s funny we take something more seriously than others, when there are many more dangerous things out in the world, yet we don’t do much but panic when we hear something on the news that just isn’t true.

I question everything and I learn in the process. I won’t use that knowledge to argue with people unless it was in the field of study I knew best.

We can’t argue about something we know little of. So, take the time and research. If you have the need to preach it, use legitimate sources to back your argument.

Thanks for reading!

Sky Anime Landscape 22