Royal Rebirth – Chapter 26: One Night Out

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We were standing outside Leland’s home, having been kicked out just moments ago. The one thing we learned from that experience was that the prince should be within a ten minute’s walk, covering what is likely hundreds of individual houses and buildings. Starting the search right now would also prove meaningless since it’s practically midnight. The street we stood on was lonely, being far from the bustling main roads from one end of Aria to the other. The chances of him being outside at this time of the night are minuscule.

Royal Rebirth – Chapter 25: Unexpected Redirection

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Shower rains were falling on the carriage top, rains that were heavily sound as hundreds of drops fell like drums playing in a band. Alice stuck out her closed hand from inside the carriage . She opened it slowly to release a stone that flew up and kept itself hovering at our pace as the horses trudge along the wet muddy road. It then glowed brightly, lighting up the road in front of us now that the day grew darker and darker.

Royal Rebirth – Chapter 24: Return To Aria


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“Thank you,” I said, letting my damaged eye see the morning light. Alice had healed it with a magic stone just yesterday. It glowed a nice warm green, as I remember, else, if the feeling were filled with malice then the effect would differ… so poison.

Elvs usually create more potent and longer lasting magic stones. From my understanding, any injury can be healed under certain circumstances. One, is that the person pouring their magic into a stone for healing must also know the workings of a person’s inner body. If not, then healing will be very limited to repairing damaged outside skin, something that can be seen in the hands of a normal magic user. In other words, while there are other steps, just knowing where and how our organs works can provide a much more efficient healing stone.

Royal Rebirth – Chapter 23: A Lance of Magic


We paced each other in a circular movement with lances ready to strike at any sudden movement. Including Lilia and myself, we were in what was practically a deadly dance with a mercenary and a soldier.

Royal Rebirth – Chapter 22: A Forest of Ashes

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“They’ve been sent in their direction,” said Deril, “five of them,” referring to the Dahramn soldiers who should now be moving towards the group we are following. By my calculations, both the target and soldiers should make contact in about two hours.

Royal Rebirth – Chapter 21: Under the Lake’s Blanket


The tent was big enough to protect us from the rain, should there ever be any, as well as bugs or small creatures that we should be looking out for. Then I headed for the opening in the tent that leads to the outside. This was Crater Lake, and with a history of having been struct by a large meteor, who knows how long ago, it was a sight pleasing to see. This is our second day here. Its walls were the size of small mountains, and it perfectly surrounded the lake in almost all directions with a large body of water in the middle, seemingly coming from deposits of ocean water not too far away.

Royal Rebirth – Chapter 20: Search in the Forests

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“How long until we arrive?” asked Lehvie. We were riding on the phoenix owned by Princess Nes, traveling at quick speeds with calm winds, and we were now far enough to reach our destination in weeks instead of months from Talica’s Royal Capital.

Royal Rebirth – Chapter 19: The Place We Called Home


I opened the door to a certain magic shop, and Freyer greets me from inside. We head to the back room where we first negotiated the prices of my magic stone and on the table lay a small box that Freyer quickly opened. There was gold inside, about fifty large coins of gold as I made the count. She then takes out twenty-two gold from it and made it her own.

Royal Rebirth – Chapter 18: A Small Family And A Wolf


“Alice..” said the Princess, and she waves her hand and lights the rooms around us. With that, I could clearly see the woman inside that our princess was referring to as ‘Alice.’ This woman, she was laying down on her side and holding on closely to what seemed like a magic stone. Then I noticed her hair didn’t reflect any of the light in the room.

Royal Rebirth – Chapter 17: A Day in the Castle


We always made sure to clean the hallways that seem to go on forever in one direction and again in the other. Every small spot of the palace was to be left in an order that is fit to be clean and able to reflect some manner of light. Thus making the maintenance of the building that much more long and arduous, but because we have a large workforce, the work can be completed in a day, and done again every first day of the second week. This included sweeping the halls, dusting the shelves, watering and caring for the garden and many other small details that should not be overlooked. This also meant that the newer servants, like myself, had a chance to get to know the building better as we cleaned. Otherwise, it would take months or years to get used to the long maze like hallways that some of us would instinctively avoid. As beautiful as the palace is, the one aspect missing for such a castle would be its ruler…