Future Projects

Potential Future Projects

These are stories I am thinking about working on in the future. Whether they are ever fully realized will be something only time will tell. To begin with, I will create one and only one chapter to kick things off per potential story. A one-shot, so to speak. As I am only one person, I cannot commit to all of them, but what I do want is for others to enjoy them above all else.

Eventually, more and more will be added to potential projects that I will work on a weekly basis and within the allotted time I have in this hobby of mine.


painting-hephaestusThe Immortal Life –

Chapter 1 – One-Shot: How we met (in development) 

Genres: Romance, Immortal, Life, Drama, School, Supernatural (Tentatively)


Working on it, since the story has changed a bit. 


It would take a while for us to meet again, normally her method is to reincarnate and meet after a decade or two. As time went on, we eventually sought each other quickly thanks to technology.

The beginning was almost always full of love for each other, and while we argued and fought, we always found a way to reconcile.





Mischievous Deeds (Tentative tittle)

Chapter 1: One Shot (In Development) ??%

Genres: Supernatural, Drama, School, Horror + Ro-Romance? I love me some romance (Lol…) (tentative)