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Royal Rebirth – VOL. 2 Chapter 8: Stamp and Buy


“Stop,” I cried. Zeyl’s body was lifeless and the fire surrounding us was eating at her. Lee was at the center of it all. I could smell the smoke thickening with its poison. I coughed and coughed to the point my lungs hurt. My knees gave in and I was losing my vision.

“It’s all your fault,” he said. “It’s your fault. It’s your fault.”

“Please,” I begged. “Stop.” 

Royal Rebirth – Vol. 2 Chapter 7: Reunion



“Are you alright? Do you feel sick?” mom asked. My head wasn’t throbbing nor my nose any stuffy. I didn’t feel any pain or had a reason to feel sad, but I couldn’t explain why my eyes watered.

“I’m fine,” I said. “Really.”

“Good,” she said. Mom gave me a hug, one that lasted for a while. “This one is overdue.”

Royal Rebirth – Vol. 2 Chapter 6: Do Not Worry The Little Crown


It came in the middle of the night like some monster. If I hadn’t recognized the near rotten smell of meat from her breath I might have thought it was some beast out to eat me. She stood over the bed, all four paws of hers dug deep into the mattress and she began licking my face.

Royal Rebirth – Epilogue: Riot


The self driving bus opened its door and I stepped out, along with two or three others that made this their destination. It was three in the afternoon and the weather couldn’t get colder. I pushed my gloved hands to my mouth and saw my breath in front of me. Then up to the sky that was becoming darker as they began forming together. It might snow or it might rain really cold showers. I then checked my pocket for the key I made sure not to forget, but checked again anyway.

Royal Rebirth – Chapter 30: A Koin And A King


“Where to, ma’am?”

“To the Grand Library,” I said, handing the man twelve copper coins for what is to be a trip through the Dahramn streets. A carriage stood behind him and this was to be his taxi services. I set one foot in the carriage and a left hand to pull myself inside. I sat down and signaled him to begin.

From the opposite side of the carriage, the door opened an in came two ruffians with military uniforms.

Royal Rebirth – Chapter 29: Taking Flight


Current Map

It’s still the same map, just less land. Also, I realized it looks like a thing with wings. Sort of.


“Aria will be under Talica’s protection from now own,” a phrase I’m reminded of as I looked to the classmate sitting next to me.

Royal Rebirth – Chapter 28: A Black Angel for an Enemy



Liel—he was now just a few yards in front me, clear as day and I couldn’t help but want to smile, but then stopped myself. For a regrettable reason, he had now become my enemy. No, I’ll need to make sure none of my attacks are lethal. Which goes without saying… but it won’t be the same for anyone else who interferes—not even Lilia.

Royal Rebirth – Chapter 27: Abducted

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The very few books I had on the shelves, the table in my room, the bed I had slept in a few hand full of times.. they were all burning.

Royal Rebirth – Chapter 26: One Night Out

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We were standing outside Leland’s home, having been kicked out just moments ago. The one thing we learned from that experience was that the prince should be within a ten minute’s walk, covering what is likely hundreds of individual houses and buildings. Starting the search right now would also prove meaningless since it’s practically midnight. The street we stood on was lonely, being far from the bustling main roads from one end of Aria to the other. The chances of him being outside at this time of the night are minuscule.

Royal Rebirth – Chapter 25: Unexpected Redirection

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Shower rains were falling on the carriage top, rains that were heavily sound as hundreds of drops fell like drums playing in a band. Alice stuck out her closed hand from inside the carriage . She opened it slowly to release a stone that flew up and kept itself hovering at our pace as the horses trudge along the wet muddy road. It then glowed brightly, lighting up the road in front of us now that the day grew darker and darker.