ArifuretaI’ve read many web novels by now to see how much effort people put in translating them. While not always great translations, the work put into them will be appreciated.

Arifureta has led me to see a different side to the basic hero we have become accustomed to and transformed them into something else. I won’t spoil it for potential readers, but I will say that I greatly enjoyed the first few volumes of the story that I read. And while some of them had lacking translations, filled with bad grammar, and strange wording, it shouldn’t keep you from enjoying the story.

Synopsis –

Among the class transported to another world, Nagumo Hajime is an ordinary male student who didn’t have ambition nor aspiration in life, and thus called “Incompetent” by his classmates.

The class was summoned to become heroes and save a country from destruction. Students of the class were blessed with cheat specifications and cool job class, however, it was not the case with Hajime, with his profession as a “Synergist”, and his very mediocre stats.

“Synergist”, to put it in another word was just artisan class. Being the weakest, he then falls to the depth of the abyss when he and his classmates were exploring a dungeon. What did he find in the depth of the abyss, and can he survive?


I won’t deny that I’m a fan of stories that take the hero into a new world, and this one was no exception. With the whole class being transported into a world different from their own, then acquiring special powers to serve the same god that had transported them, I was nonetheless intrigued.

What I experienced while reading the story were filled with adventure, comedy, violence, magic, and even romance. For those of you interested, there is also a harem around the main character, though I could say it isn’t implemented well into the story.

The story itself was interesting, but as time went on, pages and pages turned, I found myself yearning for something more. I believe by about the fifth volume, certain characters had changed too drastically that I had trouble adapting to them like they once were. That isn’t to say that the change wasn’t warranted, but that their behavior was extreme, and perhaps unreasonable.

A few volumes later and I had come to dislike the main character. This was completely out of personal preference, and I’ll admit that the story might have been geared toward a younger audience and that’s not a problem. The focus on just the main character and his friends also gave me a not so caring attitude towards other characters when they were first seen with importance at the beginning of the story. After all, it was a whole class that was transported into the new world, not just Hajime.

I have no doubt there are many people who will enjoy the story as much as I did the first time I read it. I hope in the future when I return to it that a proper translation will have been implemented, or that perhaps the author wishes to release it to a western audience.

That being said, I recommend this story for the first few volumes that I seemed to enjoy. If you can get past decent grammar that you will encounter in the later volumes, then you shouldn’t have a problem looking forward to whatever mischief the main character gets himself into.

If you’re interested, you can start reading here.