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Royal Rebirth – Vol. 2 Chapter 7: Reunion



“Are you alright? Do you feel sick?” mom asked. My head wasn’t throbbing nor my nose any stuffy. I didn’t feel any pain or had a reason to feel sad, but I couldn’t explain why my eyes watered.

“I’m fine,” I said. “Really.”

“Good,” she said. Mom gave me a hug, one that lasted for a while. “This one is overdue.”

Royal Rebirth – Vol. 2 Chapter 6: Do Not Worry The Little Crown


It came in the middle of the night like some monster. If I hadn’t recognized the near rotten smell of meat from her breath I might have thought it was some beast out to eat me. She stood over the bed, all four paws of hers dug deep into the mattress and she began licking my face.