Royal Rebirth – VOL. 2 Chapter 8: Stamp and Buy


“Stop,” I cried. Zeyl’s body was lifeless and the fire surrounding us was eating at her. Lee was at the center of it all. I could smell the smoke thickening with its poison. I coughed and coughed to the point my lungs hurt. My knees gave in and I was losing my vision.

“It’s all your fault,” he said. “It’s your fault. It’s your fault.”

“Please,” I begged. “Stop.” 

Royal Rebirth – Vol. 2 Chapter 7: Reunion



“Are you alright? Do you feel sick?” mom asked. My head wasn’t throbbing nor my nose any stuffy. I didn’t feel any pain or had a reason to feel sad, but I couldn’t explain why my eyes watered.

“I’m fine,” I said. “Really.”

“Good,” she said. Mom gave me a hug, one that lasted for a while. “This one is overdue.”

Royal Rebirth – Vol. 2 Chapter 6: Do Not Worry The Little Crown


It came in the middle of the night like some monster. If I hadn’t recognized the near rotten smell of meat from her breath I might have thought it was some beast out to eat me. She stood over the bed, all four paws of hers dug deep into the mattress and she began licking my face.

Royal Rebirth – Vol 2. Chapter 5: A Gale At The Borders


We received twenty gold as payment for the capture of the red jeweled monster. It was early in the morning and I was holding the gold. In total, we carried well over a hundred gold that didn’t include our own money

Royal Rebirth Concept Art -Aliciven


Some concept art of Alice done by a different artist and I ended up not liking the design. Not that it’s the artist’s fault, it just didn’t fit the style or image I had in mind.

Royal Rebirth – Vol 2. Chapter 4: The Talician Queen



It came out like the sun, shedding its light on anything below it. One wing pointed to the sky and the other towards the city, circling Lehvie’s castle. I saw that unlike Rook, each of Madrick’s feathers burned brightly.

Royal Rebirth – Vol 2. Chapter 3: The Red Kingdom



It was a cold night’s flight over a city blocked by a thick layer of clouds but Nes assured me we had arrived. Talica. Home. I shared a thick blanket with Lehvie, though it seemed she had no need for it, explaining that it wasn’t that cold despite seeing the snow-capped mountains in the distance.

Royal Rebirth – Vol. 2 Chapter 2: A Koin To Follow


“Gale,” she said, hand raised.

“I’m ready,” I took aim on her signal. The bushes rustled and a bull-hog rushed out. Its horns well sharpened by repeat grinding on the bark of a tree, and hairs full of yellows and browns. But most importantly, its thick thighs and filled belly. I let go of the arrow and for a few seconds the forest was silent, nature continued but a life was taken by the eventual sound of the bull-hog’s squeal.

Royal Rebirth – Vol. 2 Chapter 1: Night In Stanhal


Rook’s feathers sometimes caught fire. ‘Because he’s happy,’ was the explanation Nes gave me. She had reins over his beak and carefully guided us through the skies, and I was tucked between my two sisters.

“It’s normal for a phoenix,” said Nes. “At birth, a hatch-ling coats itself in a constant flame for warmth, for protection and as a natural instinct.” Nes tapped on my shoulder, “now, get some sleep.”

Royal Rebirth – Vol 2. Prologue Part 2


            “Is my order ready?” asked Quinn. She wore a clean white top and bottom wine red dress that would make it hard for anyone to believe she attended a military academy. Mines, on the other hand, was my academy uniform. Acceptable for any occasion. We had browsed around the market all morning before we reached a shop full of pieces of metal. There were dozens of items hung on the wall, all of which were of varies shapes and designs. Gauntlets were single plated with one sheet of steel protecting the wearer’s hand, others had triple plates, making them heavier, and the least common ones were made with chain-mail.

            “It’ll take a week with the amount of orders I have piled up,” said the armorer, an aged man with a long graying beard mixed with red hairs. “You also haven’t provided the measurements I need to complete it.”